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Edible Chocolate Bowls

1 bag chocolate chips
a small balloon for each bowl sprinkles
Tin foil

2 scoops of chocolate ice cream for each milkshake
chocolate syrup
1 cup of milk
oreo cookie *optional

Needed: a blender, a freezer, a microwave

Edible Chocolate Bowls
1. Fill up a tall bowl with a good amout of the chocolate chips.
2. Microwave the chips for 2-3 minutes on MED, or until fully melted. Let cool at room temperature until it is luke warm to the touch.
3. Blow up 2 small balloons, until they are the size that you want to bowl to be, we suggest 3-4 inches across, and about 3 inches tall.
4. Get out a layer of tin foil, lay on a table.
5. Slowly but thouroughly dip the balloons into the luke warm chips, and make sure there is a thick layer of chocolate around the lower half of the inflated balloon, and if needed,use a butter knife to layer it evenly.
6. Lay the ballons chocolate side down on the tin foil. place in the freezer for 5-10 minutes, until the bowl has frozen over the first level. Then remove and let sit
7. Apply yet another layer of chocolate, this time shaping your bowl to be completely even around the side!
8. Re freeze this layer. You may need up to 3 or 4 layers. This can be judged as you like, as thick as you would like the bowl to be.
9. While the last layer is hardening, apply splinkles around the entire bowl.
10. This will complete your bowl. Just set in the freezer to let it completely harden while you prepare to make your chocolate milkshake.

Choco-Power Milkshake
1. Pour 2 scoops ice cream, a cup of milk, oreo bits, chocolate syrup, and any other ingredients you desire.
2. Blend on high until milkshake density.
3. Remove and pour into the bowl when ready to serve, until then, keep milkshake in fridge.
4 Serve on a platter, possibly with come more chocolate syrup splattered on the plate. This shouls serve 4-6 people, depending on the size of the bowl.
CAUTION: very rich, very sweet, do not overeat!

Submited by Ben Hogan and Brooks Henneman

Serves: 4

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